vinayaka chavithi prasadam recipes| Ganesh chathurthi prasad recipes 2018

Happy Ganesh Chathurthi – 2018

vinayaka chavithi prasadam


vinayaka chavithi / Ganesh chathurthi is the most popular Indian Hindu festival. It is celebrated across India. On this day, lord Shiva gave an elephent head to his son Ganesha and make him as superior to all Gods.(as wikipedia says). It is celebrated on shukla paksha chathurthi and is a very big festival celebrated for ten days, this festival start with installation of Ganesh statue, and offer pooja for nine days and then, on the tenth day Ganesha idol will be immersed  in near by body of water(lake, ponds, rivers, sea etc)On these auspicious days, different vinayaka chavithi prasadam recipes are offer to Lord Ganesh.

 Ganesh chathurthi, this year is on 13th September 2018.

On the auspicious period of ten days, different prasad / naivedyam given as  an offering to Lord Ganesha,  these prasad recipes are vary from location to location. Modak / kudumulu are the most favouirte dish for lord Ganesha, so this should be compulsory prepared on ganesh chathurthi. Here, I have given some of the vinayaka chavithi prasadam / naivedyam recipes , that are offered to Lord Ganesha in Andhra Pradesh. These  recipes are very easy to make.

vinayaka chavithi prasadam/ naivedyam recipes | ganesh chathurthi recipes :

Vinayaka chavithi prasadam recipes

Kudumulu recipe :


Kudumulu are traditional Andhra Pradesh rice rava balls and these made with rice rava/ rice flour. Most of the times kudumulu are prepared as navaidyam to God. Like in tholi ekadashi , Laxmi Pooja or Ganesh chaturthi etc. For recipe procedure go to kudumulu recipe.

Bellam garelu(pakam garelu) :

bellam garelu

Bellam garelu(pakam garelu) is most popular and traditional recipe in Andhra Pradesh. It is a sweet recipe. Vada is prepared with split black gram(use polished/white split black gram) by deep frying. These Vada is sweetened with jaggery(gud/bellam) syrup.
Usally bellam garelu(pakam garelu/sweet Vada) made on festival​ season as a prasad. This vada preparation is just like regular vada recipe procedure while jaggery syrup preparation is similar to sugar syrup procedure. The main flavour of bellam garelu comes from the jaggery syrup. For recipe procedure go to bellam(pakam) garelu recipe.

Tamarind rice :

Tamarind rice recipe

Tamarind rice recipe is the south indian popular rice recipe. Adding tampering (tadka) with peanuts, split bengal garm, mustered seeds, turmeric, curry leaves and tamarind juice to the rice will result this amazing rice recipe.

This recipe tastes spicy and sour, with soft rice, in between crunchy nuts. Tamarind rice is prepared  as Prasad or navaidyam for God. For recipe procedure go to tamarind rice recipe.

Vada recipe:

Medu vada

Medu vada(indian donut 🍩) is a famous south Indian recipe prepared with urud dal(split black gram).  It is one of the prasad(offering to god) recipes, prepared for pooja in South india. It can be served as a breakfast or snack. Coming to the texture of vada, it is crispy outside and soft inside. For recipe procedure go to vada recipe.

Coconut ladoo with jaggery :

Coconut ladoo(coconut ball)/ nariyal ladoo is a famous indian sweet made with grated coconut and grated jaggery. Coconut ladoo with jaggery is a very healthy and tasty ladoo and easy to prepare. For recipe procedure go to coconut ladoo with jaggery.

Broken wheat halwa(erra nuka prasadam) :

broken wheat halwa

Lapsi halwa(erra nuka prasadam) made out of broken wheat (lapsi/ dhaliya/erra nuka or Goduma rava) ,sugar (or jaggery) and ghee. Procedure is very simple. It can be served as naivedyam(prasadam) for God as well. For recipe procedure go to broken wheat halwa(erra nuka prasdam) recipe.

Happy vinayaka chavithi / Ganesh chathurthi.


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