Make your kitchen as smart as you

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Do you think, electronics gadgets are the only smart devices? 


In this smart generation, everything that makes human life easy/effortless can be considered as smart…

In this context, I would say preparing delicious food effortlessly for our loved ones using our available platform -“KITCHEN” is smart art.

The aroma of the freshly made dishes by our loved ones will take us to the blissful state. This delicious food has a power to relieve us from our daily pains, stress, tensions due to a wide variety of things.

Have you observed this anytime?.

Scientists say that cooking food will release stress buster hormones within our body. When you feel stressful , just prepare your favorite food, then check how happy you will be. The only platform to test our skills is “Kitchen”. To make it a smart kitchen, bringing below appliances can be helpful.

For smart coffee:

Coffee is the first thing that comes to our mind when we wake up or when any surprise guests arrived or with lovely buddies for late night gossiping.

Today many smart coffee makers are available in market, those are user friendly and efficient. check some of them below:

Black & Decker BXCM1201IN 12 Cups Coffee Maker 

Havells Crystal Coffee Maker

Orbit EM-2410 4 cups Coffee Maker 

Kawachi French Press Coffee Espresso Tea Maker K452 6 Coffee Maker

These are some latest smart coffee makers availbale in indian market. These coffee makers have features like

  • More capacity
  • Auto switch off
  • Water level indicator
  • Low power consumption

These are very useful for big families, frequent guests, working famlies etc–Of course, for coffee lovers too.

For smart breakfast:

Once we are done with coffee, then our tummy will carve for yummilicous breakfast. In this super fast, running life, all are busy in chasing time. Moreover, most of the people, now a days, are skipping breakfast due to hectic schedule.  
Is it good for us? of course not.

 We are working whole day to fill our tummy, but what are we doing by skipping our first meal.

So lets make the smart breakfast by below smart appliences in a smart way.

Elite Cuisine EBK-200B Maxi-Matic 3-in-1 Multifunction Breakfast Center

Hamilton Beach 25477 Breakfast Electric Sandwich Maker

Aadvay Enterprises 3-in-1 Multifunction Toaster Oven/Griddle/Coffee Maker

These are some examples for smart breakfast makers. Those are equipped with latest features like:

  • Toaster oven with timer, bake and boil settings
  • Egg, begetable and rice frying griddle pans
  • Tea/ coffee maker
  • 3 in 1 breakfsat maker.

These are multi functional, like presnet maulti tasking moms. Makes our morning routine under control and stress free.

For smart Lunch / Dinner :

In this busy life,  making food is getting difficult for working people. So everyone ordering food and mostly eating outside only or relying on ready to eat food/junk food. As you know it is not at all healthy, Right?

     So if we can make our meal at home only and with very less time and effort then is it not awesome? The below mentioned smart cookers can meet our super cooking requirements.

These smart cookers have so many functionalities and some of these can be carried for the travel as well. 

REDMOND RMC-M4500E gray, Digital smart multicooker Rice Cooker, Deep Fryer, Slow Cooker, Food Steamer

Preethi Touch EPC005 Electric Pressure Cooker 

Nova NRC 974 smart Travel Cooker

These smart cookers provide functions like

  • Baking bread
  • Making yoghurt
  • Making fondue
  • Proof dough
  • Pasteurise
  • Preservation,
  • Sterilise
  • Warm-up baby food
  • Auto keep warm function
  • Water level indicator etc.

Entertainment while cooking

With music:

Do you love music?. I will die for music.

You know music is the best remedy for all the things. When you listen to music, you just forget your work stress, improves your focus and soothens your mind.

While I am cooking my delicous food I love to listen to music. So that i enjoy the music while cooking. You do the same, right?. 

So whenever you cook, next time onwards just turn on the music and enjoy.

There are so many smart devices are available now.


This is one of the example for  bluetooth speaker. It is a wireless music streaming via bluetooth. 

Zikani Taste of Yours Smart Sunglasses MP3 Player Outdoor Glasses Earbuds Music Stereo  (Smart Glasses)

These smart glasses are  one example of latest technolgy. Glasses with music stereo. So smart right.

with smart tv

If you love watching tv and you are working. Then you may miss your favourite shows. Then dont worry. Now many more smart televsisons are coming with super smart technology. You can save these shows for later. There are many more tv’s with smart features are available now.

For Youtube cooking:

Youtube is the great source for learning new things. There are millions of videos are avaible in youtube now.  You can explore more recipes. 

With the help of the smart tablets and smart moblie phones you can cook by watching cooking videos directly in your kitchen. 

And also you can operate many smart devices like Air coolers, Heaters, cookers etc with these smart phones and tablets.

Operate your moblie phones and tvs with latest smart wearablesmart watches. You don’t need to rush to answer a call while you are cooking. So just focus on cooking and enjoy your delicious meal. Totally, you can make smart home with amazon alexa.

So, you can make kitchen smart by employing above appliances and also with your smart cooking methods and practices.

“Keep enriching smartness in you and your kitchen”.

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