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Summer arrived, wanna chill. So I come up with a refreshing soda recipe, that is orange mint soda. It is a very easy to make soda, with handy ingredients. We will take 1 part of orange and sugar syrup mixture and 3 parts of sparkling water or club soda to  get our tasty orange soda.

In summer season, hydration is very important. Especially for kids, they are busy with enjoying their summer holidays, they generally forget to drink water and juices. So when you present with these type of different refreshing drinks, then I am sure, they eagerly wait for drink time. We can prepare wide varieties of soda flavors, like watermelon soda, lemon soda etc.

We are using fresh oranges, sugar and club soda or sparkling water to prepare this orange soda. No  added flavours or preservatives used here. It’s a healthy drink. Go ahead with it, without any hesitation.

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Complete procedure to make orange soda:

Orange soda

Preparation time : 5 minutes

Cooking time: 5 minutes

Equipment required: orange juicer

Author : Silpa

  1. Orange: 2, fresh
  2. Sugar : half cup
  3. Soda: 2 glasses
  4. Mint leaves: few
  5. Ice cubes: 4
  6. Salt: pinch
  1. Squeeze orange juice and separate seeds. In a sauce pan, mix well orange juice and sugar, bring it to boil.once boiling point reached, reduce flame to low and boil till syrup reduced to one third.
  2. Once done, cool the syrup and strain using mesh strainer. Store in a glass bottle.
  3. Take serving glass, add 1/3rd part of orange syrup, add pinch of salt and mix well.
  4. Now add 3 parts of sparkling water or club soda, 2 ice cubes and decorate with mint leaves.

Serve chilled orange soda.

  • If you get thick orange juice while extracting oranges, then add little water.

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Orange soda

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