Making yogurt (Curd or Dahi or Perugu)

Yogurt is a wonderful recipe, taste feel like a heaven.For South indians curd is must for their daily meals. In our home, our lunch and dinner finished essentially with curd. Every alternate day I used to prepare curd.That much importance is there for curd in our family food.
Along with taste curd has lots of health benefits. It is very good for digestion. It contains a good amount of calcium. I suggest everyone,  from kids to old age people, they compulsory add curd in their daily intake.

Curd is very easy to make.I have seen most of the people feel difficult to make  but it’s not.

Main ingredient for curd making is milk.  Please look below for curd making procedure.

Ingredients :

  1. Milk: 1/2 litre or 500 ml
  2. Water : 1 cup
  3. Buttermilk or curd : 3 table spoons.

Procedure :

  1. Take milk in a vessel and bring it to boil. Once milk reached boiling point reduce the flame to simmer.
  2. Boil milk in simmer flame up to 20 minutes to a get thick and delicious curd.
  3. Now switch off the flame and keep boiled milk vessel a side.
  4. Once milk reached lukewarm temperature add buttermilk or curd and stir properly.
  5. And close this vessel with a lid and set a side for minimum 6 hours.(Please don’t move vessel after mixing buttermilk or curd with milk. If the vessel moved then curd will not done properly.)

Tips :

  1. If it is summer season, you can add buttermilk when milk is little lukewarm temperature.
  2. If it is rainy or winter season, you have to add buttermilk or curd when milk is little hot ( little more than lukewarm temperature but not too hot).




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