Coriander powder|how to make coriander powder at home

Coriander powder is one of the main spice powder in Indian cooking.. Coriander powder is prepared from coriander seeds. Process is very easy.. Most of the curry (subzi/ kura) recipes preparation we use coriander powder. I prepare coriander powder at home only , I don’t bring it from market. Because it is very good health as well good for taste too

Coriander powder not only used for curries, in south India coriander powder is also used to serve  with idly and rice as well. But this coriander powder is made of redchillies, garlic,split Bengal gram(chana dal/ senaga pappu). We have to roast all these with coriander seeds to make a fine powder. It tastes well.

Apart from taste, coriander powder has health benefits too. Coriander powder is very good for digestion, its cure cold and cough effectively.corinder powder is an antibiotic too  ..

Roast coriander seeds in a pan and make fine powder in a mixture jar. That is procedure to make coriander powder at home. Homemade coriander powder gives  good taste to recipes as compared to readymade coriander powder available in markets.

It is very good to prepare coriander powder at home . It’s takes only ten minutes to prepare.

Preparation time: 5 minutes

Cooking time: 6 minutes

Equipment required: curry pan


  1. Coriander seeds: 3 cups


  1. Heat  curry pan on medium flame.
  2. Add coriander seeds roast for 6 minutes on slow flame.
  3. Now cool the roasted coriander seed.In a mixture chutney  jar, add the cooled Coriander seeds.
  4.  Make a fine powder.

Now Coriander powder is ready to use..

Store coriander powder in a aie tight container or dabba for later use. It can be used for long time..

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