Baby corn masala recipe, how to make baby corn masala curry

Baby corn masala is a north indian recipe..Blend of Onion cashew paste with tomato pieces will give richness to the gravy.. baby corn masala goes well with rice or roti..

Baby corn is a little hard vegetable it’s take little more time to cook. So we can deep fry this baby corns or we can roast nicely..

Baby corn can also be used in pulav, biryani or Chinese Recipes. There are wide variety of recipes we can prepare with baby corn.

In this baby corn masala preparation, first roast baby corn pieces till nicely done. It takes 15-20 minutes on low flame. Next add onion-cashew paste and saute for 10 minutes. Then add tomato pieces to it and saute for 3 minutes. When oil separates add spice powders saute for 3 minutes. Now add 2 cups of water or till pieces are completely dipped in the water. Close the lid and reduce flame to low and cook till desired gravy appear.

Preparation time: 15 minutes

Cooking time: 1 hour

Serves: 3 to 4

Author: shilpa

Equipment required: heavy bottomed vessel or curry pan/kadai


  1. Baby corn: 25o grams
  2. Onions: 2 big, chopped
  3. Ginger: 3/4 inch
  4. Garlic cloves: 4 
  5. Tomato: 1, finely chopped
  6. Cashew nuts: 6
  7. Cumin seeds: 1 table spoon
  8. Turmeric powder: 1 table spoon
  9. Red chilli powder: 1 table spoon
  10. Coriander powder: 1 table spoon
  11. Masala powder: 1 table spoon
  12. Salt: as required
  13. Coriander leaves: half cup


  1. First, cut the baby corns into 1 inch slices
  2. Grind chopped onions, cashew nuts, ginger and garlic cloves to make a fine paste.
  3. Add 3 table spoons of oil in a kadai, once it becomes hot add chopped baby corn slices and roast untill nicely done.
  4. Now add onion-cashew paste, turmeric powder and salt, saute for 10- 12 minutes. Stir in between.
  5. Next add tomato pieces and saute for 3 minutes.
  6. When oil separates, then add coriander powder, red chilli powder and masala powder saute for 3 minutes.
  7. Now add water until pieces are completely dipped in the water and bring the contents to boil. 
  8. Once it starts boiling, close the lid and reduce the flame to low. Cook till desired gravy consistancy appear.
  9. Adjust salt and chilli, add coriander leaves and give a stir.

Serve hot with rice or roti…


  1. Here I have blended  cashew nuts and  onions together, so this gravy will stick to the kadai more frequently while cooking. So continuous stirring is required.
  2. Make sure that gravy wouldn’t be over cooked .

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