5 different chicken curry recipes | Indian style

Chicken is favorite for most of the non vegetarian lovers like me. Every time i cook chicken, I love to make it in a different style. Because I want to taste the all variations of chicken recipes. In India, we have different procedures to make chicken recipes from different regions. Each recipie has its special taste. Based on that, here I am presenting, 5 different chicken curry recipes. All came out very well.

So why are you waiting for, prepare these curries and enjoy with your family. If you tried any of these recipes, don’t forget to get to share your experience with us. Your feedback is more valuable to us.

I will update more different chicken recipes in future posts.

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List of 5 different chicken curry recipes :
Chicken handi recipe:
5 different chicken curry recipes
5 different chicken curry recipes

Handi is a deep, wide mouthed cooking vessel. It is used in india and Pakistan. Chicken handi with malai is one of the recipes, slowly cooked in earthware handi. But nowadays people are racing with time, thus alternatively, it is preparing in curry pan / kadai.

Chicken handi with malai

Butter chicken recipe:

Butter chicken recipe is the delightful chicken recipe with buttery flavour, loaded with tomato gravy. In this butter chicken recipe procedure, we first roast the marinated chicken(or you can grill the chicken as well) then will cook this chicken in tomato gravy along with added spices.

Butter chicken recipe

Kolhapuri chicken curry recipe:

Kolhapuri is famous for spicy recipes. In kolhapuri masala, red chillies, coconut powder/ grated coconut, khus khus and raw masala spieces are used in masala preparation. We Cook the marinated chicken with this masala for delicious Kolhapuri taste. Procedure is very simple.

Kolhapuri chicken curry
Kolhapuri chicken curry
Spicy chicken curry recipe:

When it comes to non-vegetarian recipies, chicken curry places the first. It can be made in aa wide varieties of methods. Here, I am presenting a simple method for preparing finger licking spicy chicken curry. This doesn’t require any prior cooking expertise.

Chicken curry
Chicken curry
Kodi Kura (chicken curry Andhra style):

Kodi Kura (chicken curry Andhra style) is a delicious curry from Andhra Pradesh. It has many versions. I am preparing in my style here. This can be served with rice, roti, vada, dosa or paratha.

Kodi Kura
Kodi kura


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